About Us

...Our little town’s location presents a challenging environment; not just for growing food, but it is also vulnerable to temporary food transportation disruptions.


With this backdrop, you can readily see why the Ucluelet food initiative was born.

Formally, the Ucluelet Community Food Initiative was the brainchild of a local – Chantel Gemmell. Chantel held a big vision for our area: access to affordable, healthy food!  Growing and sourcing food locally, while connecting a network of food hubs for communities on the west coast of Vancouver Island was her dream. Chantel helped initiate an area-wide survey for identifying community food needs and development of an action plan for food security. 


Lorna Watson, Jeanne  Keith-Ferris and Shawna Flynn, are locals hoping to pick-up the threads left by Chantel. We will work with the Tofino Community Food Initiative and the Clayoquot Biosphere – Eat West Coast – and endeavour to build new initiatives towards local food security. 

Ukee Local Food held its debut at Ukee Days, 2016.

Our Vision:

To root within our community a fervent gardening culture celebrating organic small growers while giving space and respect to our unique local ecology. We envision linking bountiful growers to folks looking for healthy food choices; working with municipal leaders to develop local food-friendly policies; opening our hearts and ears to the wisdom of First Nations sustainable food practices; and the building of neighbouring community food hubs. Not only does the Ucluelet Local Food Society desire to feed our bellies, we also desire to nurture minds and spirits towards advancing a sustainable, secure local food future.